As we step into the globalised techno-dominated society of the 21 century, the schooling experience needs to be re-visited on the basis of the fast chaning present and an awesome,uncharted future.

what we will need tomorrow that has to be provided for the children of today, by redefining the multiple dimension of school life restruturing school programme and be,strategisingh the processes that enable learing.A life-long habiat of learing envolves the shaping of attitude and cultivation of senstivites, so that an individual is at once part of society and apart in the way he/she thinks, feels,works and behaves. At SURYANSH it is just that what we offer. our team researches.

trains and develop lenses to look at both reality and dreams.Come let us hold hands so that we create opportunities and provide an environment for children to learn the way they best can ;help them become emotionally strong, acquire skills, develop a passion and penchant for excellence in any area of their choice; so that tomorrow they stand tall. With confidence, to be seen and heard, to be counted among those who CAN.